Effective safety operations management is inextricably tied to your proactivity. It is when you wouldn’t wait for another accident or an inspection act as a result of a visit of a regulatory and supervisory authority official, but you would work instead in order to minimize any risks related to your operating activities. In this regard you can always use such a management tool as audit, based on operating activities inspection (including labor protection, industrial, fire and ecological safety) aimed to ensure compliance with the legislations.


Using our own periodically renewed catalogues of labor protection, industrial, fire and ecological safety legislations and check-lists developed by our experts, SCM System offers the following audit services to customers regardless of their business placement and focus:

  • Participation of our experts in performances of internal audit of the organisation.
  • Compliance with the legislations audit.

WHY SCM System?

Our audit programs feature the following:

  • Flexibility: Thanks to our highly-qualified auditors we are able to include a wide range of HSE issues into an audit program.
  • Audit process standardisation: Aiming to provide a high quality service, we standardized the main stages of the audit process in order to minimize our auditors’ possible errors.

WHEN SCM System finishes the audit, you will know:

  • All non-compliances with the legislative requirements, ranged according to their impact on your business.
  • Whether detected issues are consistent or local.
  • The causes of revealed non-compliances
  • What you should undertake in order to remove revealed non-compliances.
  • Risks coming from failure to comply with the legislations.