HSE Consulting


SCM System provides services of HSE management system development and implementation for companies irrespective of the form of ownership, regardless to their size and scope of activities, whether it is a big enterprise or a small office with the total staff of fewer than ten people.


  • HSE management system development and implementation in order to comply with standards OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001 (Operational Health and Safety), ISO14001 (Ecology), ISO 9001 (Quality) and national Health, Safety and Environmental law.
  • Development and implementation of occupational safety procedures, providing evidence of compliance with article 212 of LABOUR CODE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION.
  • Development and implementation of occupational safety document control.
  • Business plans development (occupational safety department).


  • You need to comply with Health, Safety and Environmental law and to create a HSE management system in your organization, but you don’t know where to begin.
  • HSE management system development and implementation may take a lot of time and is too expensive and difficult.
  • You wish to adopt a new HSE management system procedure.

If you agree with at least one statement, then you may be interested in what we offer.

SCM System will provide consulting services and help you achieve your goals in the area of occupational safety by developing an HSE management system tailored to your enterprise’s unique systems and business rules.

SCM System offers to perform a management system audit to the companies with existing HSE management systems that need improvement; its results will provide you with comprehensive recommendations on the way your HSE management system is sure to become perfect.

You can also use our website to independently evaluate your existing HSE management system. Go to an online assessment of HSE.